Crecer con Todos (Grow with everyone) Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010 with the goal of improving reading comprehension results of low-income children in Chile, who are currently failing to achieve the necessary results to ensure their academic learning and future development.


To achieve that every child today living in a vulnerable context fully learns to write and learn from 1st grade.

Thanks to our program, Primero LEE, and the commitment to implement these proficiencies in the schools, we can continue providing the teaching methodology we designed.

We strongly believe that developed literacy is crucial not only for boys’ and girls’ personal growth, but for the development of democracy as well, by opening to everyone the same doors of opportunity.


“When every child can read, Chile will thrive”.

Primero LEE’s signature

Working every day to provide quality education for all students in our country requires a lot of commitment from our team. For that reason, each member of the Crecer con Todos Foundation identifies both personally and collectively with these six principles:

  • Learning focus

  • Respect and value of teachers’ work

  • Maintaining high expectations

  • Responsible and meticulous

  • Collaborative work

  • Motivated and lively attitude at work

About us

Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation was created in 2010 to face the harsh and crude reality of Chilean education, which yields unencouraging results in reading:

“In Chile, 6 out of 10 4th grade children living in vulnerable contexts can’t read or understand what they read. Let’s work with Primero LEE program to change this reality TODAY!”.


Address: Carlos Silva Vildósola 1320, office 201, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Phone number: (562) 22368400

E-mail: [email protected]