Primero LEE (First read) is a program designed to support the task of teachers and educators in their classrooms by encompassing the different components of language in a balanced way.

Our Primero LEE program (from Preschool to 4th grade) is implemented during the school year (March through December) and assembled around the Ministry of Education’s curriculum plans. The program provides teaching material that ensures to have real impact on the student’s learnings, its main characteristic being the systematic support it brings to everyone involved in the educational process.


Primero LEE operates with an integral learning model where children can actively participate in the process of improving oral communication, reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary.

To achieve the implementation of the Primero LEE methodology in Preschool, the program is executed during the entire school day and divided into three teaching and learning stages.

In 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade, the implementation of the program requires a weekly total of eight teaching hours, split through daily 90-minute classes. Each of these are divided into three effective teaching and learning stages.

Primero LEE’s professional development model ensures to improve practices inside the classrooms thanks to the implementation of technical capabilities in the entire school’s educational community.

To achieve this goal, the following activities are carried out for the teachers and management alike:

  • Attending systematic training workshops based on “doing” rather than on “observing”.

  • Implementing a tutoring and monitoring system in classrooms.

  • Receiving feedback on professional practices involved in students’ learning process.

By doing this, the strategies that ensure the effective implementation of the program are generated together.

Primero LEE works alongside the administration teams and the teachers in classrooms today through a system of training and accompanying, which accomplishes that schools then incorporate this new methodology into the teaching of reading and writing, as well as allowing to settle these skills in the school community.

Primero LEE’s work model implements a continuous assessment and monitoring system to review each student’s progress at the appropriate time, thus ensuring pedagogical decision making for the development of the learning process.

For this purpose, the program provides an “Achievement indicators guideline”, based on the standards of national language programs and the Ministry of Education’s Progress Maps. This guideline defines the input profile, one again halfway through the year, and the output profile of each student to align those results with the standards of national language programs.

Additionally, there is an “Individual assessment guideline”, where each teacher meets up with their Primero LEE tutor to review the improvements each student shows, according to every aspect of language touched on by the program.

Primero LEE+ is our reinforcement program that supports students who struggle the most with reading and writing. Homeroom Teachers and Special Education Teachers work together making sure our Primero LEE+ students are learning. Primero LEE+ provides daily planned activities, worksheets for each student, and a system to monitor students’ progress and achievements.

We believe that families play a key role in a child’s language learning process. Primero LEE involves families in the language learning process of their children, allowing them to take part in activities inside the classroom at certain times during the school year. They also attend workshops during parent-teacher meetings, and are encouraged to recognize and support the effort and improvement of their children in their learning process.

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Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation was created in 2010 to face the harsh and crude reality of Chilean education, which yields unencouraging results in reading:

“In Chile, 6 out of 10 4th grade children living in vulnerable contexts can’t read or understand what they read. Let’s work with Primero LEE program to change this reality TODAY!”.


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