By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (25/11/2021)

Obtaining this stamp marks the ending of the reporting process of our FECU Social 2020, a uniform coded statistical sheet. For the past 4 years our foundation has committed to this report and balance sheet to strengthen transparency in the actions of civil society organizations.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (16/11/2021)

This year, 193 teachers have participated in the virtual training program provided by Primero LEE, touching on subjects such as phonological awareness, teaching how to read and text production. We hope we provided useful tools to conduct your classes, and that by working as a team we can continue to implement new strategies that improve your student’s learning process.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (05/11/2021)

We are incredibly happy to be awarded an institutional grant from Tinker Foundation for the second consecutive year. Thanks to this funding we will be able to implement the reading leveling program for more children who now, more than ever, need our support.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (14/10/2021)

Picture: 91% of the students who couldn’t read in 2nd grade and took part in our reading leveling program have achieved to read full sentences in August of this year. Stop waiting and join the Primero LEE community to effect change.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (16/06/2021)

On Wednesday, June 16th, 2021, Crecer con Todos Foundation launched the Primero LEE mobile app. This app aims to support all children in the development of reading comprehension. It is available for download on the App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android) for tablets and cellphones, and on the Microsoft Store for computers.
One of the app’s main features is that it can be used without internet connection.
With this app, every child will be able to practice reading in a fun, entertaining way.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (10/04/2021)

According to studies, only 2% of the Chilean population understands what they read. That is why Crecer con Todos Foundation understands that, as a society, we must become aware of the importance of reading comprehension in children’s development, and how this skill directly affects their future.
The Foundation’s goal is for all children in our country to achieve reading comprehension, and for that purpose we systematically support vulnerable schools in our country, delivering proposals with clear goals that can be adapted to each classroom’s context.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (30/06/2020)

Picture: This year we launched digital material from Primero LEE on our website! Playing with sounds Interactive games to exercise phonological awareness Aimed at children from Preschool to 1st grade.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (27/10/2019)

Congratulations to all contestants! Honorable mentions:
● Colegio gastronómico y turismo, Quilpué
● Liceo Víctor Jara, La Pintana
● Colegio Lauria Robles, Copiapó
● Liceo Hombres Mario Bahamondes Silva, Antofagasta
● Poeta Federico García Lorca, Conchalí
● Liceo Almirante Riveros, Conchalí
● Liceo Los Rulos F-738, María Pinto
● Escuela Hernán Márquez Huerta, Copiapó After receiving over 50 videos of families playing the ABC game, the Eje Familia contest has concluded. We have chosen a winner and eight other honorable mentions.
The initiative, intended to promote an entertaining way of learning how to read and write, announced the contest’s winners during Friday, October 18th. Playing and learning, more than 50 families have sent us videos of them using Primero LEE’s ABC board game, hoping to achieve great prizes for the children, the teacher and the program’s tutor.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (27/10/2019)

For three days, the district coordinators of Primero LEE program gathered in Crecer con Todos Foundation’s head office to share how the program has progressed in different regions. All coordinators took part in training sessions based in Santiago during September 10th, 11th, and 12th. The activity was successfully carried out and addressed the new educational changes that the program will go through for the 2020 period as well as proposing a follow-up on the results to continue onto new challenges.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (22/10/2019)

Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation understands the social issues our country is going through, as we work every day with the most vulnerable schools, where great issues related to economic inequality, gender, dignity, and treatment, are highly reflected.
In that regard, we hope to make a difference and effect concrete changes in early education levels, because our children can no longer wait. We have witnessed that, with commitment and dedication, it is possible, that’s why it is so important to continue carrying out our task and continue to work for Chile’s boys and girls so that they can have access to new opportunities and in turn, a better future.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (22/10/2019)

As part of the first Contrato de Impacto Social (Social impact contract, CIS for its Spanish acronym), Crecer con Todos Foundation’s program, Primero LEE, has made it possible for over 550 children from Estación Central district to develop reading and writing skills.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (22/10/2019)

Last August 29th, Corporación Municipal de San Bernardo visited a school to observe the progress of the Primero LEE program in the district.

Genoveva Media, from Corporación Municipal de San Bernardo, visited Escuela Diego Portales hoping to evaluate the progress in the schools implementing the Primero LEE initiative.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (30/06/2019)

Last year, Crecer con Todos was granted Colunga Foundation’s strengthening fund. For this project, the teaching material for 4th grade was designed in 2017 and implemented this year in Arica. It concludes in 2019 with the evaluation of Simce test results. To Crecer con Todos Foundation, this project is meaningful because it allows us to close an important phase, since 4th grade is the end of the first stage of primary education and students take the Simce test. Therefore, the first stage of this project will allow us to have the necessary evaluation tools to validate the Primero LEE program.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (22/10/2019)

After three days of training, our Crecer con Todos Foundation reasserts its values and celebrates its 9th anniversary alongside over 130 people in our team nationwide.
In Chile, six out of ten children living in a vulnerable context haven’t achieved reading comprehension when reaching 4th grade. This reality was the motivation needed for Crecer con Todos Foundation to create its Primero LEE program during the year 2010.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (22/10/2019)

Last September 5th, Falabella’s Haciendo Escuela program and Primero LEE visited María Paz educational institution in La Florida seeking to help children improve their reading and writing skills.

Both with great impact, the entities reunited under the goal of improving Chilean education and effect a great, meaningful change in the children’s development and future.

Involving different schools where Primero LEE is implemented, Haciendo Escuela sends their team to the institutions for them to directly participate in the learning process of hundreds of students.

By Crecer con Todos Educational Foundation (22/10/2019)

During last July 31st, principals and directives of different schools in San Bernardo gathered in an activity organized by Crecer con Todos Foundation to evaluate the Primero LEE program.

The purpose of the initiative was to report on the program’s state of progress, and it was concluded that over 600 children learnt how to read after implementing Primero LEE in 26 schools throughout the district.


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